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Angel of Peace

First Apparition of the Angel of Peace

      -Teaches how to make a humble request in prayer -

(Taken from In Lucia's own words:)

     The dates I cannot set down with certainty, because, at that time, I did not know how to reckon the years, the months, or even the days of the week.  But I think it must have been in the spring of 1916 that the angel appeared to us for the first time in our Loca do Cabeco.

     As I have already written in my account of Jacinta, we climbed the hillside in search of shelter.  After having taken our lunch and said our prayers, we began to see, some distance off, above the trees that stretched away towards the east, a light, whiter than snow, in the form of a young man, transparent, and brighter than crystal pierced by the rays of the sun.  As he drew nearer, we could distinguish his features more and more clearly.  We were surprised, absorbed, and struck dumb with amazement.

     On reaching us, the Angel said:

"Do not be afraid,  I am the Angel of Peace.  Pray with me."

     Kneeling on the ground, he bowed down until his forehead touched the earth.  Led by a supernatural impulse, we did the same, and repeated the words which we heard him say:

"My God, I Believe, I Adore, I Hope and I Love You!

I ask PARDON of You for those

who Do Not Believe,

Do Not Adore,

Do Not Hope and Do Not Love You!"

(These words from the Angel of Peace, are known as the Pardon Prayer)

Having repeated these words three times, the Angel rose and said:

"Pray thus,  The Hearts of Jesus and Mary

are attentive to the voice of your supplications."

Then the Angel disappeared.

      The supernatural atmosphere which enveloped us was so intense, that we were for a long time scarcely aware of our own existence, remaining in the same posture in which he had left us, and continually repeating the same prayer.  The presence of God made itself felt so intimtely and so intensely that we did not even venture to speak to one another.  Next day, we were still immersed in this spiritual atmosphere which only gradually began to disappear.

     It did not occur to us to speak about this apparition, nor did we think of recommending that it be kept secret.  The very apparition itself imposed secrecy.  It was so intimate, that it was not easy to speak of it at all.  The impression it made upon us was all the greater perhaps, in that it was the first such manifestation that we had experienced.