Pope Benedict XVIISBN9653660-1-4, pgs: 409,  Nihil Obstat, Imprimatur,Pangaeus Press, First Edition April 7, 1997  

15 Minute Meditation

on the

3rd Glorious Mystery

"The Descent of the Holy Spirit"

Pope John Paul II:

'Ecclesia de Eucharistia'

Holy Thursday

April 17, 2003

Pope John Paul II  Apostolic Letter 'Rosarium Virginis Mariae'

The Most Holy Rosary

October 16, 2002


Pope Benedict XVI

'Spe Salvi'

The Virtue of Christian Hope

November 30, 2007

Pope Benedict XVI

'Deus Caritas Est'

The Virtue of Christian Love/God is Love

December 25, 2005

Blessed Mother's Request for a 15 Minute Meditation

     on the First Saturday of the month.

            Many sources are available to help us fulfill Blessed Mother's request

               for a 15 minute meditation of one or more mysteries of the Rosary.

Pope Benedict XVI's New Book

is an Excellent Source to use for your 15 minute Meditation:   The Bible, The New Testament contains the Christocentric Mysteries of the Blessed Trinity, The Incarnation and Redemption.  ISBN 1-57455-109-4  International Best Seller; Contains the Life of Christ, The Christian Mystery, The Profession of Faith and more.

           ISBN: 978-0-385-52341-7  Doubleday 2007.  Order at  


           copyright 1999 Ignatius Press, ISBN  89870-686-6

Jesus of Nazareth

Listed below are a few of the Chapter Headings inside Pope Benedict's New Book

Many of the Chapters are all about the Mysteries of the Rosary:

CHAPTER ONE:      The Baptism of Jesus

CHAPTER THREE:  The Gospel of the Kingdom of God

CHAPTER EIGHT:  The Principal Images; Water, Wine, Bread

CHAPTER NINE:    The Transfiguration   and more...