Second Apparition/Angel of Peace


Angel of Peace  

Second Apparition of the Angel of Peace

 - Teaches the Value of Sacrifice for World Peace -

(Taken from In Lucia's own words:)

     The Second Apparition of the same Angel of Peace took place later the same year, in 1916.  It must have been during the middle of summer, when the heat of the day was so intense that we had to take the sheep home before noon and only let them out again in the early evening.

     We went to take a nap in the shade of the trees which surrounded the well that I have already mentioned several times.  Suddenly, we saw the same angel right beside us and he said:

"What are you doing?

  Pray! Pray very much!

The Heats of Jesus and Mary have designs of mercy on you.

Offer prayers and sacrifices constantly to the Most High."

  "How are we to make sacrifices?" I asked.

   The Angel answered:

"Make of everything you can a sacrifice,

and offer it to God as an act of reparation

for the sins by which He is offended,

and in supplication for the conversion of sinners. 

You will thus draw down peace upon your country. 

I am its Angel Guardian,

the Angel of Portugal.

Above all,

accept and bear with submission,

the suffering which the Lord will send you."

      These words were indelibly impressed upon our minds. The words were like a light which made us understand who God is, how He loves us and desires to be loved.  These words made us understand the value of sacrifice, how pleasing it is to Him and how, on account of it, He grants the grace of conversion to sinners. 

     It was for this reason that we began, from then on, to offer the Lord all that mortified us, without, however, seeking out other forms of mortification and penance.  

     We remained for hours on end with our foreheads, touching the ground, repeating the prayer the angel had taught us. 

(The Pardon Prayer taught to the children at the First Apparition)

My God, I Believe, I Adore, I Hope and I Love Thee!

I beg PARDON for those who

Do Not Believe,

Do Not Adore,

Do Not Hope, and Do Not Love Thee.