The Infant Jesus





The Child Jesus returned to Sister Lucia on February 15, 1926

The Following is taken from a letter Lucia wrote to Monsignor Pereira Lopes. 

It is the oldest known document dealing with the devotion of the First Saturdays.


     Most Reverend and Dear Fr. Lopes,

     With all due respect, I would like to thank Your Reverence for the courteous letter you had the kindness to write to me.

     When I received it, and saw that I would not yet be able to fulfill the wishes of Our Lady, I felt a little sad.  But I quickly reflected that the wishes of Our Lady were that I obey the commands of Your Reverence.

     I became calm, and the following day, when I received jesus in the Sacrament, I read Him the letter and said,

"Oh, my Jesus!  I, with Your Grace, with prayer, mortification and confidence will do all that Obedience allows me and You inspire me.

  The rest I will leave to You."

     That is the way I was until February 15.  Those days were ones of continual interior mortification.  I wondered if it could have been a dream. but I knew it couldn't.  I realized that it had been real.  But how, since I had been falling so short of graces received up the the, could Our Lord deign to appear to me once more?


     The day arrived for me to go to Confession, and I didn't have permission to say anything!  I would have told it to the Mother Superior, but during the day, my duties prevented me!  In the evening she was suffering from pains in her head!  And I, fearing to be lacking in charity, thought, "I will do so tomorrow!  I offer up this sacrifice to you, my dearest Mother!"

     And so the days have passed, one after the other, to this day.

     On the fifteenth, I was going around very occupied with my function, and had even almost forgotten about this.  And, going out to leave a garbage bin in the yard, where, a few months before, I had met a child, whom I had asked if he knew the Hail Mary.  And he answered that he did.  I told him to say it for me to hear.  But since he was not willing to say it alone, I said it with him, three times.  And, at the end of the three Hail Mary's, I asked him to say one by himself.  But, since he kept quiet and was unable to say the Hail Mary on his own, I asked him if he knew which was the Church of Saint Mary's.  He told me that he did.  I told him to go there every day and to say this,  "Oh Heavenly Mother, give me Your Child Jesus!"   I taught this to him, and came away.

     On February 15, 1926, I want back there, as was usual, and met a child who seemed to me to be the same one, and I asked him, "Well then, have you asked the Heavenly Mother for the Child Jesus?"  

     The child turned to me and said, "And have you spread throughout the world, that which the Heavenly Mother asked you to?"

     And, at that, he turned into a brightly shining boy.  Realizing, then, that it was Jesus, I said, "Jesus!  You well know what my confessor told me in the letter that I read to You.  He said that it was necessary for that vision to be repeated; and that there be some facts to be believed; and that the Mother Superior, alone, making this fact known would achieve nothing."

 "It is true that the Mother Superior, on her own, will achieve nothing.  But with My Grace, everything will be achieved.  It is enough that your confessor give you permission and your Superioress say it, for it to be believed even without it being known to whom it was revealed."


     But my confessor said in the letter that the lack of this devotion made no difference to the world, for there were many souls that received You on the first Saturdays, in honor of Our Lady and the fifteen Mysteries of the Rosary.

     "It is true, daughter, that many souls begin them, but few finish them.  And those that do finish them, do so with the intention of receiving the graces that have been promised.  Those who do the five with fervor and for the intention of making reparation to the heart of their Heavenly Mother are more pleasing to Me, than those who do the fifteen, lukewarm and indifferent."

    "Jesus!  Many souls have difficulty in going to Confession on Saturdays.  Would you permit that a confession within eight days be valid?"

    "Yes.  It can even be many more days, as long as they are in the state of grace on the first Saturday, when they receive Me; and, in this previous confession, have formed the intention during it to make reparation to the Sacred Heart of Mary."

    "Jesus!  And what about those who forget to form this intention?"

    "They can form it immediately in the next confession, availing of the first opportunity they have of going to Confession."

    At that He disappeared, without me knowing any more about the wishes of Heaven, to this day.  And, as regards mine, they are that the flame of Divine Love takes flame in souls; and that, enraptured in this love, they may greatly console the Sacred Heart of Mary.

     I have, at least, the desire to greatly console my dearest Heavenly Mother, suffering so on account of Her love.  But, for the moment, I have only the wish, for, when the opportunity arises for me to suffer some reproach, a word that arises to hurt my self-love, or some slight set-back in my function, even sometimes, to the Mother Superior, telling her everything that happened to me, and hoping always that Jesus will tell me that He is happy that I kept quiet, or did immediately that which i had been ordered to.  And, if some day, it seems that Jesus in unhappy with me, I will just simply feel like crying; and  I will not know just what to do, for Him to be pleased with me.

     I will end, with all respect, asking, Your Reverence, to please answer me, telling me what I have to do, to satisfy the wishes of Heaven.

     Respectfully, I ask your Reverence to deign to bless me and to petition Jesus on behalf of this most humble and obedient servant of Your Reverence's.


                                    Maria Lucia de Jesus Santos


Taken from, Documents on Fatima and the Memoirs of Sister Lucia, Fr. Antonio Maria Martins, S.J. and Fr. Robert J. Fox.

Sister Lucia's Room at the Dorthean Convent at Pontevedra, Spain.

Chapel at the Dorthean Convent in Pontevedra, Spain, today.