Our Lady of Fatima appearing to Blesseds Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia depicted in 1917

From the Vatican:

                    Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone,

Vatican Secretary of State,

released his book in English entitled:

"The Last Secret of Fatima"

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Cardinal Bertone's new book

written by Pope Benedict XVI.

The Message of Fatima

Continues. . .

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              Here are the Documented Facts---There were only 3 Secrets---Don't be Misled

1.  April 19, 2000, Letter from Pope John Paul II to Sister Lucia, before the release of the Third Secret. 

2. The Letter from Sister Lucia's, Mother Prioress, Mother Celina who stated on September 5, 2001, The Third Secret was revealed in its entirety.
3. The Third Secret Totally Revealed:  What did Sister Lucia say?

4.  Catholic Church Isn't Hiding Apocalypse Secret - Statement by Archbishop Capovilla, who read the 3rd Secret with PopeJohn XXIII

The Message of Fatima continues to unfold
God wishes to Establish Devotion to The Immaculate Heart of Mary

The Apparitions

of the

Angel of Peace


Prayers of the

Angel of Peace


Recite the

Sacrifice Prayer

when you have a

sacrifice to offer

to God.

July 13, 1917


The Great Promise

of the

Immaculate Heart

of Mary


December 10, 1925


Words of

The Child Jesus


Feb. 15, 1926

The Last


Dorothean Convent

Tuy, Spain

June 13, 1929

The Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints raised the possibility that Sister Lucia, might be cleared for beatification ahead of the usual schedule.2-19-07

Complete Third Secret

from the Vatican


Address of

Cardinal Sodano

Third Part of the Secret


Pope John Paul II

Attributes Our Lady

of Fatima for

saving his life.

May 13, 1981


The bullet which struck

the Pope was

permanently placed in

Our Lady of

Fatima's Crown


Jacinta and



May 13, 2000


Last Words of

Sister Lucia


March 28, 1907


February 13, 2005